Solar continues to shine

02 Mar 2018 -  Investing In Solar

The global transition to clean energy is well underway. On the world stage, solar power was the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the world in 2016,...

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Why the future of solar in the U.S. is still bright

14 Feb 2018 -  Investing In Solar

Despite a new U.S. tariff on imported solar cells and modules, the US solar market is still forecasted to expand rapidly due to increasing cost efficiencies and the wider...

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A battery-powered nation

02 Feb 2018 -  Investing In Solar

A rise in energy prices, coupled with the falling costs of battery technologies1, have prompted Australians to seek more cost-effective resources to complement grid...

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Electric vehicles will drive demand for solar energy

18 Oct 2017 -  Investing In Solar

As countries around the world continue to place stronger restrictions on automobile emissions and electric vehicles reach cost parity with traditional cars1, the...

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